Washington Virtual Office Service

Business owners will get the best in privacy protection with our Washington Virtual Office Service. We’ll assign your company a Washington business address and suite number that fully belongs to you. List it on state forms, websites, business cards, emails—anything. Plus, you’ll get unlimited mail forwarding, a personal online account, real office lease, and call forwarding to any US number. Basically, you get all the perks of a fully staffed office for just $60 a month—you’re welcome.

We work for YOU!

Washington virtual office service provides your business with a unique Washington business address and suite number—helping you establish a strong business presence fast.

  • Unlimited mail forwarding. Don’t worry about going over a limit.
  • Real month-to-month office lease—giving your business address stronger credibility.
  • Call forwarding. Stop giving out your personal phone number. We’ll give you a Washington phone number you can have all business calls forwarded from.
  • Real, commercial Washington business address. List it on whatever you want. Never worry about giving out your personal information.
  • Affordable price—$60 a month.

Why does my business need Washington Virtual Office?

Our virtual office service helps businesses solve everyday problems.

  • No commute. Traveling between home and the office is time consuming. When you sign up for our Washington virtual office service, we bring the office to you.
  • Avoid telemarketers. Your unique Washington business address allows you to maintain your privacy, so telemarketers can’t find you.
  • Paperless environment. Instead of cluttering your desk, all mail will be stored online in your personal account. You’ll have 24/7 access.
  • Easy setup. No searching for building space or interviewing potential employees. Simply give us a few minutes, and your Washington virtual office will be off and running.


Do you forward packages?

Unfortunately, we don’t accept packages. If a package arrives at our office, we will notify you. However, you will need to pay an additional $15 plus shipping costs to have the package sent to you.

Can I request mail to be physically forwarded to me?

Yes, absolutely. For an additional $15 per document, we will send any original documents you request. However, keep in mind that original mail will only be securely stored for 60 days. After such time passes, we will shred it for security purposes.

How long will my digital mail be stored?

Digital mail (stored in your personal account) will stay there forever—regardless of how much you accumulate. Yep, unlimited online storage.

Can business calls be forwarded internationally?

No. Although your number doesn’t have to be a Washington number, it must be located in the US.

Do I need to notify the United States Postal Service (USPS)?

Not at all. You won’t need to file anything with USPS.

Can I add this service to my Washington registered agent service?

Absolutely! Just log into your secure online account.