Washington Registered Agent Terms and Policy

Terms of Service between Client and Washington Registered Agent

For terms of this agreement, Washington Registered Agent, LLC. will be referred to as: “WRA”. “We” means WRA, and “you” means the client.

The laws of Washington govern WRA and any agreements with WRA.

This is our standard agreement and pricing schedule. Only the services and descriptions of services that you’ve hired WRA pertain to your individual agreement. For instance, if you hire us to obtain your federal tax identification number, all items and business procedures relating to registered agent service are not applicable to you. Terms of service may change at any given time without notice.

Client who hire WRA for registered agent service agree to designate Washington Registered Agent, LLC. as their registered agent in Washington State, giving WRA the ability to accept service of process and other legal or official notices on behalf of the client’s business. After accepting the service of process, WRA will forward the notices to the client. WRA will meet all registered agent requirements as determined by the state of Washington’s registered agent code. The client agrees to supply WRA with accurate information about their business, including any and all information required on the Washington State forms, through WRA’s secure online tools and account(s). WRA will not publish, provide, or allow access to any of the client’s personal information, except for what information is required by the state. WRA’s statutory representation services are limited to the receipt and forwarding of items covered under the state statutes. You may not use our address as a business mailing address for regular mailings such as bills, or correspondence with your customers. We will forward on any important documents we receive on your behalf by uploading the documents into your online account. It is up to you to ensure your provider does not block our notification emails we send about annual reports, service, and any documents we receive on your behalf. If you abuse our address, we charge $25.00 per piece of forwarded mail. WRA will forward your service of process and any documents by uploading them to your online account. If items are too big to scan into our database, we will forward via regular mail, after scanning the first pages of the document into our database. It is the client’s responsibility to keep WRA up to date of any changes in its address, persons authorized to receive WRA’s notifications, reports, processes and legal matters. Client gives WRA the authority to open it’s mail received and forward on to the address client designates. WRA cannot be held liable for failure to get law suits and official mail delivered to its client if client changes its contact information without notifying WRA. These changes will be considered true when we have entered them into our personal client profile information. No fees are refundable.

If the client has hired WRA to form a business entity or other service, WRA will complete any forms in accordance with applicable state and federal laws. WRA cannot warranty or guarantee that its services are complete or error free. If we make a typographical error in our entity filings for you, we will make the correction free of charge. This does not override or change any of the liability disclaimers in this service agreement.

WRA’s financial liability is limited on all aspects, only to the fees paid to WRA.

Client signing up for service agrees to be responsible for the renewal fee of $65.00 a year, or to cancel service properly by cancelling company with the state, withdrawing application, or paying the resignation of agent filing fee.

Fee Schedule:
Returned check fee: $45.00
Insufficient funds fee: $37.00
Late fee: $35.00
Research: $70.00 per hour
Excessive forwarding:
* If client receives more than 15 services of process in one year, the 16th service of process and each after will be deemed “excessive” and will be charged with this fee. If you’re someone that gets served every day, we can use this pricing.
$25.00 per piece
ANY REFUND/You change your mind fee: $25.00
Resignation of Agent Fee: $45.00
Disputed Charges: $165.00

If client cancels service with WRA, client agrees to provide WRA 60 days notice, and fill out the proper paperwork to dissolve its entity, withdraw from the state, or change its registered agent on clients own, for no cancellation fee, or hire WRA to file the paperwork for you for $150.00 for dissolution (plus state fees), $30.00 for change of registered agent plus state fees.WRA will file a resignation of agent after your bill is 70 days overdue. You will be charged the state filing fees for the resignation if there are any, our $45.00 resignation of agent fee, 1-2 $15.00 late fees, the prorated monthly registered agent fee rate for the time period we are still acting as agent for you, and the bill will be turned over to a collection company with their additional legally collectable collection fees.