Incorporate in Washington State

If you’re looking to incorporate in Washington, you have found a hidden gem in us.

We fix filings every day for people that originally signed up on a Google ad or website they saw advertised in a magazine or on TV.

We Specialize in Washington Incorporation!

When you hire us to incorporate in Washington, you’ll find that we only do Washington, and we do Washington every day, all day. Because of our dedication to Washington incorporation services, we’re the biggest local Washington Registered Agent. That’s something we’re extremely proud of, because we’ve done it the long and slow way: a couple clients a day, year after year, the right way.

We incorporate all Washington businesses with your privacy in mind. You can use our address on the public documents to keep your information more private.

Starting your Washington Business

We’ll help you navigate the steps of starting a business in Washington.

For those not acclimated to Washington business filings, our state is a little confusing. We have odd state agency names and a different way of doing things: Employment Securities; the Corporations Division making you pay their annual fee through the WA Department of Licensing website, but then that isn’t a business license, and then having to go to the Department of Revenue to get a business license; paying for a business license on a department of revenue website. All of this is fine, if you understand it, but government rarely makes a whole lot of sense. So we’re here to help you get your new corporation going. As a client of ours, you’re always a phone call or email away.

The Fastest Washington Incorporating Service:

We can incorporate your Washington company in around 2-5 business days. We’ll submit your documents immediately, and as soon as the state approves your filing we’ll email you back a filed certificate, corporate/member resolutions, corporate bylaws/operating agreements, and corporate stock/membership certificates. You’ll be walking into the bank in no time with all the papers you need to open a Washington bank account.


Why Incorporate in Washington ?

If you live in WA and would like a corporation instead of an LLC, a Washington Corporation, is a great option. Washington State is actually a nice state to incorporate in.

  • There is no personal income tax here, which is massive, but Washington levies a Business and Occupation tax of usually about 1.8% of your gross revenue. Some industries that are high-revenue, small-profit-margin industries have a lot smaller rate of tax.
  • You can file your B & O taxes right on the Washington Department of Revenue website, which is actually pretty user-friendly once you get used to it. No CPA needed.
  • If you’re operating a business that has a high profit margin, living and working in Washington can be highly profitable. Most states charge an income tax on your net income. If you live in a state like Idaho where there is a 7.6% income tax and you have a really profitable business, it would be cheaper for you to live and work in Washington State, paying a 1.8% gross income tax.
  • We have incredible employer laws. Think Microsoft, Amazon, Cosco, Boeing. We have MASSIVE companies that have employed armies of lobbyists to protect their assets (intellectual property specifically). Microsoft doesn’t want some worker running away with the next big thing. We have a lot of highly skilled workers, but having powerful laws to protect your business assets and IP from employee theft is a big deal. An employee stealing IP from a company in Washington is practically committing financial suicide here.
  • At $71 a year, it’s fairly reasonable to maintain your Washington Corporation.
  • Gross income tax really is awesome if you’re financially profitable. We do not tax corporations on income that you made in other states. So if you made 10,000 across the border in Oregon or Idaho, Washington doesn’t want income tax on that income. It’s an extremely fair way to tax businesses and business owners.
  • We do not charge you more to authorize a lot of shares. Many states charge absurd amounts each year to their corporations just because they have a lot of shares.

Washington Incorporation Requirements:

Washington corporations are governed by Title 23B RCW, the Washington Business Corporation Act (Washington incorporation).

Washington has some great language in this title limiting the personal liability of the officers and directors, and in addition, stating that the corporate veil may not be pierced by simply not following corporate formalities like annual meetings.

Washington corporations must list in the Washington articles of incorporation:

  1. A name with a corporate ending like: Corporation, Incorporated, Inc., Co., or Ltd.
  2. Number of authorized shares.
  3. The class of the shares (Most people use common shares).
  4. When you want the company to start.
  5. The term of the company. (Most people make it perpetual).
  6. The name and address of your Washington Registered Agent.
  7. The name and address of your Washington Incorporator.

Washington Corporations will have to disclose the officers and directors on the initial report due within 120 days and the annual report each year.

Washington LLCs as a More Private Option:

Washington LLCs are governed by Title 25, Chapter 25.15 RCW of the partnerships act.

Washington LLCs must include in their articles of organization to form a certificate of formation:

  1. The name of the company
  2. The address of the principal place of business
  3. When you want the company to be formed
  4. The duration
  5. The legal name and address of your Washington registered agent
  6. The organizer/executor

Here’s the difference with a Washington LLC. You can form one listing another company name as a manager, so unlike Washington Corporations, you can keep your personal name off the records if you use a Washington Incorporating Company like us and you use two LLCs.

Why Incorporate in Washington with Us:

If you would like Washington Registered Agent, LLC to help you incorporate in Washington State, we would be honored to help you out. We actually are located in Washington. Shouldn’t that be important if you are choosing a company to help you incorporate in Washington State?

If you are looking at other websites, why don’t you ask the phone sales team what a B & O tax is and what rate you’ll be paying?

  • Ask them if their Washington incorporation service package includes filing the initial annual report when they incorporate for you.
  • Ask them if they know when the initial annual report is due.
  • Ask them what documents you are going to need to show your Washington bank to open an account in Washington State.
  • Ask them what Labor and Industries is.

Our point being, we work here and help people like you start their businesses in Washington State every day. We pride ourselves in being the most informative and cheapest Washington incorporation service.