Free Credit Card Processing Consultation

Talk to Our Experts for Free. Discover Your Options. Start Taking Credit Card Payments.

At Washington Registered Agent LLC, we have a solution to get you set up to accept credit card payments at affordable rates. We have business relationships with payment processors that allow us to sign you up for credit card processing and help you get processing tools (hardware and/or software) that won’t break the bank.

This credit card processing solution is available to all our new Washington business clients, and it’s easy to get started. Here’s how:

  1. When you’re in the process of hiring us to be your Washington registered agent or form your Washington business, the sign-up form will have a check box labeled “Free Credit Card Processing Consultation.”
  2. Just check that box, and complete the rest of your order.
  3. Our team of credit card processing experts will then receive notice that you requested your free phone consultation, and they’ll reach out to you by email to schedule a time for the call that’s convenient for you.

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Why Accept Credit Card Payments?

Your business isn’t required to accept credit card payments or debit card payments, of course, but it’s hard to imagine a viable new company that doesn’t do so. Cash-only businesses are pretty much a thing of the past, apart from very well-established local businesses with a dedicated clientele that doesn’t care if they have a lot of payment options.

Ultimately, it comes down to what consumers want. Of the payment options out there, credit cards and debit cards rank highest on the list of favorable ways to pay. So, if you want happy customers, you should probably take credit card payments.

But, to accept credit card payments, you’ll need to sign up with a payment processor, and you’ll need the right processing tools to fit your company’s needs. That’s where we come in.

How Our Credit Card Service Works

  1. It all starts with a free phone consultation.
    Basically, you get together with one of our credit card processing experts and talk about your company’s credit card processing needs. Based on that call, we work up a rates package for you, subject to your approval, and then help you apply.
  2. After we help you submit your application, the payment processor takes over from there.
    Their underwriting department will reach out to your business, gather your detailed financial information (secrets we don’t think are or should be our business), and decide if they approve the rates and pricing we suggested. If they approve, congratulations—you’re on you’re way to taking payments. If they don’t approve, the processor will typically make a new offer. We’ll then talk through your options, and help you decide if the new offer fits your business’s needs.
  3. Once you’re approved and processing payments, however, our role as your advocate doesn’t come to an end.
    We’ll still be there to answer your questions, negotiate with the processor on your behalf, and help monitor your monthly merchant statements to make sure the processor treats you right.

The Secret to Why We Can Help You Save

Honestly, we used to be baffled by the card payment industry. We’ve been accepting credit card payments for years, and we’ve had more than one provider that gave us wildly different rates and terms. When we would shop around for new providers, there seemed to be no rhyme or reason to the rates our sales reps would offer.

After a while, we thought, What the heck is going on here? So, we decided to investigate, and here is what we discovered: The person who signs you up for credit card processing determines your overall costs.

Sounds pretty weird, right? Weird but true. There are all sorts of non-negotiable fees that come with processing credit card payments—interchange fees paid to the bank that issued your customer’s card, network fees that go to the card associations like Visa and Discover, and service fees charged by your payment processor—but the negotiable (and hence changeable) part of those fees get set by the individual or business who signs you up. So, if the person who signs you up wants to make more money, that will impact the rates you’ll pay.

When we discovered this fact, we really had no choice but to get in the game. We decided that if we could only position ourselves to sign up our clients for credit card processing, we would be able to reduce their rates because we know we don’t need to make much money from credit card processing.

So, that’s what we did. We negotiated the right partnerships with payment processors, and created a service with the sole aim of getting our clients credit card processing at low rates.

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Credit Card Processing FAQs

Why is the Phone Consultation Free?

The phone consultation is free because our goal is to save you money—not nickel-and-dime your business to death. We don’t rely on credit card processing for our revenue, so it doesn’t hurt us to simply to talk to you and see if we can help you out.

We know that’s not the industry norm, but frankly we don’t care. Our goal at Washington Registered Agent LLC is always to help our clients start and maintain their businesses—so why not help you navigate the card payment industry too?

Who Can Request a Free Consultation?

To qualify for a free credit card processing consultation, you must sign up for our Washington registered agent service or form a Washington LLC or form a Washington corporation through us.

Just select “Free Credit Card Processing Consultation” on your order form, and our team will contact you by email to set up a call.

What Should I Know For My Free Consultation?

We’ll ask you about your business type, monthly sales, average sale, and the basic ways you want to accept credit card payments (in-person, mobile, or online).

If your business hasn’t started operating yet, we’ll ask you to give us estimates for your monthly sales and average sale (average ticket)—and, if need be, we’ll help you figure out what the best estimates are based on the information you can provide.

We’ll also discuss the hardware or software you’ll need, based on how you want to take payments and what you can afford. And, we’ll make sure you get that equipment or software in a timely manner.

I Don’t Have Those Answers. Can I Still Set Up a Call?

Definitely. Our credit card experts are here to help you figure out how to answer the questions required by the payment processor’s merchant application. If you aren’t sure what your monthly sales will be, we’ll talk through that with you and help you settle on a smart estimate. The same thing goes for average transactions, categorizing your business, and anything else required to complete the application.

So, don’t hesitate simply because you aren’t sure how to answer these questions. We’re happy to help.

How Do You Determine My Rates & Fees?

Your rates are set based on your monthly sales, average sale, and business type. Your business type, of course, determines how you will accept credit card payments—whether it’s in-person, online, or on the go (mobile payments)—or some mixture of all three.

When determining your rates, our goal is always to figure out the rates package that reduces your overall costs as much as possible, which is why we start with a consultation—instead of set packages in advance—to match the best and cheapest options available to your business’s needs.

Do I Pay You or the Payment Processor?

You’ll pay the payment processor. You’ll receive a monthly merchant statement from the payment processor that lists out your processing fees for the month.

However, we do get paid. The processor gives us a cut of their profits because we signed you up and continue to manage aspects of your account, but, since our goal is to keep your costs low, our goal is to also keep that cut low. Keeping our cut low, in fact, is how we keep can keep your rates low.

Can’t I Just Sign Up Directly with a Payment Processor?

There’s nothing to prevent you from signing up through a payment processor’s sales reps (or, for that matter, through one of the numerous other companies out there that resell their services). And, if you can find a better alternative, we encourage you to pursue it.

However, you aren’t likely to find a company in the payments game that shares our goal of keeping your prices as low as possible. That goal is only possible for us because we’re in the rare position of not relying on credit card processing to support our business.